Payment transactions

The requirements for optimal payment transactions processing differ from company to company. Implementing a new payment solution requires a lot of know-how and a detailed inventory, as we have explained here.


However, most companies already have a well-functioning electronic banking machinery that they are reluctant to change or replace after often painstaking calibration.


Trinity is well equipped for both cases:

  • on the one hand, Trinity TMS can be connected to existing electronic banking platforms in many ways (partly via web service),
  • on the other hand, we can implement suitable solutions together with our high-performance partners if the corporate’s payment system needs to be renovated in the course of TMS implementation project as well.

Our customers use Trinity in many different combinations, e.g. with UC Prime from UniCredit, MultiCash@web from Omikron, FinMApp by Broadridge or solutions from Serrala, EFiS and TIS. Trinity will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right solution for your specific case.


Here are short profiles of some of our partners in the functional area of payments processing:


With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Omikron Systemhaus is one of the leading providers of e-banking solutions. With the electronic banking system MultiCash® , Omikron offers a multi-bank-capable standard software that banks make available to their corporate customers for processing their financial transactions.


For multinational companies, Omikron provides MultiCash Transfer®@web, a modular, bank-neutral platform to optimise payment and cash management processes and workflows, especially to link banks more closely with in-house systems.


In addition to EBICS, a secure way of bank communication used in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, Omikron also offers connections the MCDFÜ protocol (used by many banks in Eastern Europe) and of course to the global SWIFT network.


In addition to payment software, Omikron also offers further functional solutions, e.g. for the online-verification of sanctions or other black lists, for electronic bank account management (eBAM), bank fee control (Bank Services Billing) and KYC data exchange.


For the fast and secure data exchange of payments and account information with MultiCash(Transfer)@web, Trinity provides a web service.


As a certified SWIFT Service Bureau, Broadridge offers FinMApp, a cloud-based single entry solution for connecting global financial institutions. In addition to processing payment transactions and providing account information, Broadridge also offers confirmation matching services and other services via the global SWIFT network. Broadridge (Deutschland) GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt, is a subsidiary of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.


Trinity TMS does not only exchange treasury payments and account information via FinMApp, but also payment notifications and deal confirmations.


As a German company with over 30 years of experience, EFiS is an independent payment service provider offering the scalable E.F.I.S.® Transaction Platform, a high-performance software-as-a-service solution for corporate payment logistics. Customers from the financial sector, industry and trade can access the services hosted in their own green IT data centre and benefit from the many advantages of outsourcing.


Likewise, all SWIFT products and services as well as comprehensive anti-money laundering and embargo checks are offered via the EFiS SWIFT Service Bureau. The infrastructure offered can also be used for other financial transactions such as securities, FX transactions and documents.


Multinational clients use Trinity TMS in conjunction with the E.F.I.S.® Transaction Platform.


Serrala creates secure payment options for businesses of all sizes around the world, with over 700 employees and offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Its more than 2,800 customers include over 50 per cent of the DAX 40 and more than 100 of the S&P 500 companies.


Trinity offers seamless integration with selected payment solutions from Serrala.

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

Since 2010, Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS for short) has been providing support for optimising critical functions around cross-border payments, domestic payments, bank connectivity, fraud prevention, compliance and more with its cloud-based Enterprise Payments Optimisation (EPO) platform.


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