One of the main advantages of a treasury management system with a wide range of functions is the concentration of all payment flows in one database. The integration of the individual modules ensures that cash flows from financial transactions, pooling and clearing transactions, interest and commission payments can be seen automatically in the account-based cash forecast and medium- to long-term liquidity planning. Operational cash flows from the company's core business complete the decision-making basis for optimal liquidity management as the main task of financial management.


The Cash Management Workbench and Liquidity Planning module are thus the first points of contact for planning and ensuring the quality of the company. In addition, the financial status, which shows the current situation in various design options for the different stakeholders plays an important role as well.


In a bank review, one would like to see what transactions, liabilities, investments and risks exist vis-à-vis a credit institution or a banking group, what costs the banking relationship has caused and where the best starting points can be found for the next negotiations.


In the treasury modules, financing/investment positions, risks, maturities, conditions, interest settlements and accruals, contingent liabilities, utilisations and overruns of lines and limits, expected netting results, but also overviews of account signatories or the authorisation profiles of various users are of interest.


It quickly becomes apparent that a treasury management system must and can provide much more information than expected at first glance. For these reports, an integrated reporting system is available that has access to all information in the database and allows users to flexibly design multi-dimensional evaluations.

Trinity Software Beispiel

Trinity TMS Functions at a Glance

Liquidity Forecast and Planning

  • Flexible design of categories and time grids (day, week, month, quarter, half-year, year)
  • Automatic filling with cash flows from all treasury deals captured in Trinity TMS
  • Automatic currency conversion, also at historical rates
  • Transfer of EXCEL templates with formulas
  • Any plan variants (best/worst case, most likely, simulations)
  • Deviation analyses (PLAN/PLAN, TARGET/ACTUAL)
  • Inclusion of credit lines and exclusion of unavailable funds ("trapped cash").
  • Global consolidation of financial plans across multiple levels
  • Inclusion of external data (planned turnover, statement positions, market data)


Treasury Modules

  • On-screen evaluation in flexibly designable module overviews
  • Filters, field selection and sequence, sorting, graphical representations
  • Maturity lists, bank statements, exposure overviews, valuations, limit and line utilisation, contingent liabilities, clearing and settlement results, and much more.


Comprehensive Reporting

  • Multi-dimensional evaluations via intuitive pivot analyses
    • Direct access to the database
    • Graphic representations
    • Drill-down option
    • Preconfigured dimensions for quick design
  • Additionally up to 150 ready-to-use reports
    • in German and English
    • Dispatch by e-mail possible
  • Output as PDF or XLSX
  • Optional: Special reports e.g. in accordance with IFRS, EMIR, FATCA
  • Optional: Dashboards through connection to a BI tool


Time and Cost Savings

  • Quick access to comprehensive up-to-date information
  • Many ready-to-use reports shorten the implementation project and provide immediate added value
  • Profit from collected reporting requirements of our clients from over 25 years
  • Integration of the modules allows immediate use of all cash flows from financial transactions without re-entry


Process Optimisation

  • (Individually) predefined filter templates allow quick access to the reports
  • Error prevention through direct data transfer without new entry
  • Sending the reports by e-mail


Maximum Transparency and Auditability

  • Concentration of all relevant data for all evaluations
  • Proof of data sources/collections via audit trails
  • Integrated authorisation system for individual user profiles
  • Possibility of observing internal credit lines and limits

Best Practice

In order for treasurers, cash and risk managers to quickly access the desired evaluations, users only see the modules and data that are relevant to them after logging into Trinity TMS. Non-relevant functions are not displayed and allow quick orientation.


Via the individually customisable start screen, users reach the daily processing masks in no time at all and can immediately conjure up the desired evaluation on the screen via the preselection of criteria. The most common selection criteria can be quickly selected via drop-down or by entering the initial letters, and a calendar function is available for determining key dates or time periods.

Recurring call parameters or filter templates can be individually adapted by the user and saved for further use.


Pivot analyses offer even more flexibility, especially through the use of several dimensions and the possibility to quickly restructure them by "drag & drop". Many users are familiar with the functionality from EXCEL and can start creating analyses without the need for training. In addition, however, there is a very useful drill-down function.


According to the authorisation granted to them, reports can be exported by users as PDF or XLSX (including pivot parameters) and/or sent by e-mail. All evaluations can be saved as templates for individual users or a group and can thus be called up quickly as needed. Further processing of the data for interdisciplinary evaluations, e.g. in a business intelligence tool, is also possible.

Depending on the module configuration, the customer already receives up to 150 available report structures for typical evaluations. As soon as the company data and financial transactions are stored in Trinity TMS, these ready-to-use reports can be accessed. Since they are based on more than 25 years of experience, the fast availability is a real added value for the corporate treasury.


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