Market data

Foreign exchange rates, interest rates, securities prices, ratings, etc. are commonly referred to as "market data". Depending on the orientation of the company, sometimes one, sometimes the other plays a more important role. The larger and more globally distributed the company, the higher are the demands on a continuous supply of market data for the purpose of conversion and risk determination. However, many medium-sized finance departments manage well with the most important exchange rates and a few reference interest rates.


In the following, reference is made to the market data providers Bloomberg, Infront (formerly vwd group), Refinitiv (formerly Reuters) and some other alternatives that can be used as data sources for Trinity TMS. With Trinity, the choice is up to the customer.


Bloomberg calls its technology for providing market data (e.g. interest rates, currency and securities prices, CDS) simply "Data License" and offers information on more than 50 million Security IDs.


The data can be made available to Trinity TMS as a predefined set or via customised queries (requests based on security ID and other parameters) once or several times a day via an automated import. Certain indicators secure the transport from the source to the customer, plausibility checks in Trinity TMS disclose possible errors.


The market data provider formerly known as "vwd group" or "Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste Deutschland" has been part of the Norwegian Infront ASA since February 2020. The national affiliates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland offer a powerful combination of solutions for investment management and advisory, for trading, for sell-side and distribution, for treasury and risk as well as for valuation and compliance.


Infront offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for the supply of market data in various gradations, which are particularly popular with medium-sized businesses. Talk to us about which solution is best suited to your Trinity TMS.


Refinitiv, formerly part of Reuters has been a London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) company since February 2021 and has been granted the right by Reuters to distribute its news and content for 30 years.


Current market data from Refinitiv can also be imported into Trinity TMS if the conditions specified by Trinity are met.

Sometimes these simple alternatives are sufficient:



Banks in Germany can provide their electronic banking customers with text files containing exchange rate information (order type DKI) via EBICS together with the electronic account statements.


The bank does not guarantee these data , but they are usually sufficient for orientation. Like all free market data they are only conditionally applicable for official valuations. Also, the composition of the exchange rate set cannot be influenced individually.


From EBCIS 3.0 onwards, the order types will be replaced by Business Transaction Formats (BTF), which are somewhat more complex in their structure, so that the code will then be OTH/BIL/0DKI/misc, but this is something your bank in particular needs to know.


The import of the delivered CSV files into Trinity TMS can be automated.




Market data from the Bundesbank or the ECB


Reference interest rates and/or exchange rates against the EURO and some other currencies can also be obtained from the Deutsche Bundesbank. In addition to daily rates, monthly averages and month-end values are offered as well. The contents of the files required for the automated import can be easily defined and automatically retrieved via a link.


Similar access can be established to the data provided by the European Central Bank.


Please check which license fees might come into effect for the use of these data.



Currency rates via Microsoft 365


Only for customers who use EXCEL via the web-based Microsoft 365, rates for previously defined currency pairs can be automatically imported by Microsoft via the data type "Currency" and updated regularly. If necessary, this can also be used to generate files for importing rates into Trinity TMS.


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