Intercompany netting: To ‘net’ or not….is it still a question?

Are you still processing intercompany invoices via your bank? Intercompany netting with the Trinity Treasury Management System can save time, money and conflict. Depending on the number of internal company receivables and liabilities, netting even has a positive effect on the company’s ecological footprint! A central “intercompany netting center” enables multilateral relationships to be mapped and offset against each other. This can be done daily, as part of the so-called intercompany clearing, or after collecting the receivables and liabilities over a certain period of time (often done monthly). Ultimately, only the net amounts are transferred, although these can also remain on interest-bearing accounts for any period of time. In this way, effective transactions can be reduced to a minimum, which leads to significant savings, especially in the case of cross-border transactions. Trinity Treasury Management System’s intercompany netting module offers receivables- or payables-driven netting and can be tailored to the needs of each customer. Apart from the automatic importing of receivables (or liabilities), users can also enter information manually if necessary. In the event of a dispute between the debtor and the creditor, Trinity Treasury Management System supports audit proof dispute management. You can define the permitted workflow steps together with the Trinity experts during implementation. Finally, the Trinity Treasury Management System creates the journal entries for different accounting systems, so that the cycle of internal company receivables settlement is closed, freeing up a lot of working time.


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