Save costs by netting internal payables and receivables

Trinity Treasury Management

Netting Internal Payables and Receivables Has Advantages

Group netting of payables and receivables can save unnecessary bank fees. It can also hedge corporate risk, funneling it to the main office level as opposed to the subsidiary level. Hedging risk like this saves money.

Through the aggregation of all payables and receivables for each subsidiary, the net position can be easily calculated, and more effective invoicing can be set up. Settlement of the net amounts can be effectuated either through internal current accounts, or via a physical payment to a bank account.

The Trinity treasury management system Group Netting Module makes the above simple and intuitive, with a robust rules-based workflow that also highlights and manages disputes in an orderly fashion.

In the end, it’s all about a logical structure that makes sense and our Group Netting module accomplishes that.

Group Netting Module Features

  • Import of internal debts from your various ERP systems/locations
  • Web based entry and reconciliation of payables and receivables
  • Rules-based workflow approval process (including dispute management)
  • Automatic aggregation of internal debts to a net position by company, currency, and time
  • Automatic generation of netting invoices
  • Management of the settlement process through current account or via external bank payments
  • Generation of interest rate calculation for internal netting accounts
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