With Trinity Treasury Management System you can do YOUR treasury YOUR way.
We love what we do and we live our claim: Your Treasury. Your Way. Our Software.

Trinity Treasury Management

These are the top 3 reasons for Trinity ...

1. More transparency

  • Enterprise-wide liquidity development
  • Risk management of FX and interest rate risks
  • Overview of all financial transactions (internal and external)
Professional treasury right now

2. More efficiency through automation

  • Automated creation of ...
  • Booking instructions
  • Payment instructions
  • Bank confirmations
  • EMIR reporting
  • ... and many more Straight Through Processing chances
Scaling up your treasury

3. More data quality and improved auditing acceptability

  • 4-eyes principle
  • Integrated audit trail reporting
  • Rule-based alerts
  • Archive and Knowledge Management
Improving treasury process reliability!

Trinity has more than 20 years experience

  • achieving treasury efficiencies right now
  • helping treasury departments to become more strategic
  • leveraging digital treasury innovation
  • improving treasury process reliability and auditing acceptability
  • simulation and scenarios of value drivers and liquidity interdependencies
  • treasury process automation ready to scale your treasury

Exceptional Treasury Management Software makes a treasurer’s job infinitely easier. And it makes a treasury department far more effective in providing detailed financial information for corporate decisions. And when that treasury software performs above and beyond expectations, and provides flexible reports and value-added features backed by the best support in the industry, you have a real winner.

That’s what Trinity delivers – simplicity in design, powerful in operation, and the trust that comes from experience.


With more than 20 years in business, we’re a leader in this industry.


The company founders are still on board.

Technologically Advanced

We continuously improve our software in function, intuitiveness and security.


We make implementation easy, and our support is second to none.