Turbulence in the treasury software market

The following is a summary of an interview of Henning von Tresckow, CEO of Trinity Management Systems GmbH, published in the German trade magazine “DerTreasurer” on July 14, 2022.


Henning von Tresckow, CEO Trinity Management Systems GmbH

The treasury management system scene is in transition. Numerous providers have been bought out in recent months by foreign financial investors or software houses. The medium-sized system house Trinity is withstanding the M&A pressure in the industry.


25 years of independence
The Frankfurt-based company has been independently delivering its treasury management systems to customers since more than 25 years. “This will not change”, as CEO Henning von Tresckow says in an interview with DerTreasurer: “We don’t have a need to sell the company. We are debt-free, and we want to stay that way.”


The CEO of Trinity is skeptical about the many deals in the treasury management market segment: “The development in the treasury management systems market over the past five years has been poor”, he states. He is particularly sceptical regarding the fact that many software houses, which are important for treasurers, are based outside the European Union. This brings up important privacy issues. Trinity benefits from these market developments. “Many customers are looking for our added values, ​​such as individual service, customer orientation and continuity in customer relationships”, he observes.


The benefits of a small provider
Trinity wants to score with the in contrast to large corporations more flexible way of customer realtionship. We can address customer requests individually. “I’ll go to the office next door and tell our development team what we need. I don’t have to get approval from headquarters.” He also wants to convince customers with quick implementations: “With us, projects can be done in less than 70 days. We’ll have a medium-sized company on our system in just over a week”, he says.


But there is also an assumed disadvantage due to the lack of company size: some corporations only want to work with other large companies because that presumably seems to promise more financial stability. A point that Henning von Tresckow does not want to accept. “We heard that objection already 25 years ago. But we still exist – being very successfully at that.”


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