It is high time to buy a treasury management system!

Medium-sized companies often use extensive Excel files to manage their liquidity management. These spreadsheets in many cases have grown over the years. They have become error-prone, complex, and you cannot tell who changed data, a macro or even a formula. Wrong decisions based on unreliable information can have significant consequences for the company. The quality of the spreadsheet is highly dependent on their creator and that might become risky when the expert leaves. While EXCEL is no database, the tables do not offer any historization or search functions for data from the past. So, it is high time to switch to a professional Treasury Management System (TMS), in which all bank accounts and cashflows, financial deals and hedging transactions, even guarantees and credit lines can be properly managed, analysed and simulated. However, the decision is often postponed for various ambiguous excuses which deserve a closer look:


Trinity’s Response

Calculate! You can quickly check which way of working is easier and even more economical. We are happy to assist!  
Probably. Maybe because you cannot work efficiently with the current systems? Trinity users have more time for more important things.  
You don’t need additional staff, our people have managed a lot of implementations with companies in the same situation. Our staff takes a lot of work out of your hands. Alternatively, an external consultant can help.  
This might be possible, but if that is the case, usually it is only for a short period and it is always worth the extra effort. With our help you can get started in a few weeks. Our training will be tailored to your needs.  
No, internet access and a web browser are sufficient, as the private cloud application is implemented individually for you in our ISO27001-certified data centre located in the EU (Germany) only.  
Before becoming a master you have to learn, including Excel. However, we have designed our system in such a way that you assume in many screens that you are working in Excel. The workflows in the various modules are also designed in a similar way, so you will quickly find your way around.  
“Over the years we have grown so special and with complex processes, can you map everything?” We would like to give it a try. We cannot do everything off the top of one’s head but as of today there has been only very little that was not covered in our flexibly configurable solution.  
“How do you ensure that my data will be safe in your cloud application?” We do not implement in the global public cloud but rent hardware exclusively for you in a highly protected data centre (“private cloud”). Access to your data will only be permitted for approved users following a secure login procedure. Disaster recovery is ensured by using 3 different data center locations in Germany.  
“How about access via the Internet? Can the system be used from a home office as well?” Trinity Treasury Management System is compatible with all common browsers and even allows you to work from your home office during these times.  
„Who will answer the questions that come up when we use the Treasury Management System?“ Our Support Service in Germany and the Netherlands understands your problems and is able to ask your personal Trinity project manager or even our software developers, if necessary, to deliver quick results. This personal service from one source is very much valued by our clients.  
"Don't you think a Treasury Management System will be oversized for us?” Please note: we offer small configurations for beginners which are able to grow with your expectations. You may activate additional functions, ask for complementary modules, reports etc. when the time has come. Most important: Trinity can help you to grow and with that in mind the Treasury Management System becomes smaller and smaller in relation to its added value …  


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