Predictive Analytics: Future proof your treasury

The current study “Jobs of the Future” from the series “Germany: Country of data” by Deloitte predicts for the next 15 years, how automation technologies will change the way of work. Robotics and data-analytics in particular are mentioned as important drivers for replacing manual activities. They are also expected to find their way into the world of treasury. As a leading provider of treasury management systems, Trinity is of course interested in new possibilities to make work easier for its customers and as such, giving them more time for strategic thinking. Using ‘scenario-based analysis’ with different exchange rates, interest rates and raw material prices as well as the simulation of certain financial transactions, are already functionalities offered and used by Trinity customers since many years. Under the catchphrase “Predictive Analytics”, larger amounts of data, some of which originate from areas of the company that have not previously been included, are used to better forecast future payment flows. But: the advantages of automating treasury processes aren’t limited to an improved basis for decision-making and increased productivity. There are many more advantages, e.g. in the area of auditing and compliance. Last but not least: companies running an efficient treasury process, will be ‘rewarded’ by investors and banks. By increasing the sustainability of your company, using suitable ESG criteria in your TMS reporting, might open a good chance to reduce financing costs of your planned investment projects on top.


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