Trinity Treasury Management System at City of Antwerp

The City of Antwerp, with more than half a million residents and one of the world’s largest ports, is the second biggest city of Belgium and a popular tourist destination. The organization consists of several entities, including, next to the City itself, also its Public Centre of Social Welfare, the Fire Brigade and the Police department. The treasury desk is managed by a team of four and their main responsibility is to safeguard the liquidity of the above-mentioned entities, ensuring that short- and long-term commitments are met. This means that the day-to-day cash management, reconciliation, liquidity planning is very important. Next to that, the Trinity Treasury Management System is also used to keep track of the external and internal funding. Following a public tender process, the Trinity Treasury Management System was selected to replace its existing software to support their treasury team. Important selection criteria were:
  • A secure, web-based solution
  • Local support
  • Modular based
  • User-friendly
  • Integration possibilities with other systems (ERP, banks, Excel)
  • Short implementation time
  • A liquidity planning tool that can be tailored to our needs
When asking the treasury team on their experience with the Trinity Treasury Management System, they particularly like the liquidity planning module. This module helps the team to keep a good overview of its current and expected cash position in a very flexible manner, allowing to adjust swiftly to changes in the environment (as occurred recently amidst the Covid-19 crisis). “The implementation was straight-forward and completed within the timeline we required. We now upload our forecasted cash flows in a few, easy steps. Because they are automatically categorised, we save time and go directly into the analysis, such as the comparison between the forecast and the actuals. The process is transparent, and the reporting is easy and modular. What I like about the people at Trinity, is that their local support team is very knowledgeable, flexible and customer orientated.” Rudy Spaey, Directeur Financiële dienstverlening en controle Stad Antwerpen, Bedrijfseenheid Financiën


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