Does Artificial Intelligence protect you against a crisis?

Weather forecasts are based on artificial intelligence. In general, they work fine but they often fail to predict hail damage. This is because hail usually forms at very short notice and the grain size depends on factors that the model doesn’t take into account. Next to that, one could wonder how management would deal with a predicted anomaly. For instance, would they have believed that oil prices were to turn negative? Artificial intelligence” is not a clearly defined term. Some people already consider simple ‘rule based’ software as artificial intelligence (AI). True AI requires “if-then rules” to be supported by more complex and self-learning algorithms. Deep learning, the use of artificial neural networks (ANN) is effective to improve predictions. The layered model of the ANN develops “thought patterns” similar as in the human brain. In the end, the ANN learns the “right” ways through conclusions based on experiences, whereby many unconscious factors also have an impact on the result, even if they weren’t originally considered in the rule-based programming. In certain cases the likelihood that a predicted result will occur can be significantly improved with such methods. Complex algorithms can now make autonomous driving possible. In order to effectively secure the company’s liquidity, flexibility and a reliable information-base are crucial. Information can be collected via internet and automated interfaces. Plausibility checks and system monitoring are used to prevent incorrect entries and missing messages. The ability to stress tests with any interest and currency scenario are the strengths of a modern treasury management system. In order to enable financial managers to quickly switch from EXCEL-based planning sheets to Trinity Ttreasury Management System, Trinity has already pre-installed a number of installations in the “private cloud”. Existing structures and data from EXCEL can be adopted in a few days and companies will receive a workable solution in just 5 days.


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