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Trinity Treasury Management OODA Loop

The Trinity Treasury Loop to continuously adapt to an uncertain future

During the current Corona Crisis the particular value of the finance department becomes obvious. Treasurers need to deal with more uncertainties than ever before. To allow flexible adaptation to different scenarios and action plans, Trinity support treasurers with appropriate tools.

There are several guiding principles to deal with uncertainties. Trinity adopted the idea of the OODA loop as a management method and accordingly developed several treasury management tools.
OODA is a guiding principle and means Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. By using the Trinity dashboard the treasurer is able to observe key indicators anytime at a glance. To control liquidity, data are permanently collected in the system for a daily cash forecast. Cashflows from financial deals captured in the Trinity TMS are directly transferred and will be complemented by automatically imported data from ERP, planning systems and other sources. Because the cloud-based solution provides access via internet, data from all legal entities easily find their way to central cash management. Having all these data at hand completely and up to date, the treasurer will achieve a very high level of orientation.

Market data from Refinitiv, Bloomberg, Infront etc. will support the treasurer’s decisions by near time evaluation, taking the latest FX and interest rates into account.

To figure out the best decision every day, Trinity Treasury Management System (TMS) delivers also a short to medium term financial planning tool, allowing to run different simulations and scenarios for the future. Whereas changing market data (FX rates and interest rates, indices, commodity prices) lay the foundation for scenario analysis, simulation will e.g. refer to the use of certain financial instruments to secure liquidity for the next days, weeks, months or even years. To follow compliance guidelines, these can be incorporated in Trinity Treasury Management System and audit trails will be stored automatically for each action recording all steps before and after the decision which was taken in the end.
CFOs find aggregated information including self-explanatory graphics looking on their mobile devices or by using web access from their (home) office.
Next day, next decision: Trinity´s treasury management and financial planning system assists financial managers to observe, to orientate, to decide and to act again by automating data collection and most of every day routine work to a maximum degree. In addition, the modular system increases transparency and decreases the risk taking wrong decisions which might end up in going bankrupt in these uncertain times of Corona pandemics.
This is the reason why Trinity decided to help enterprises to manage their financial cashflows during the Corona crisis better: Trinity has prepared a special cloud-based Treasury Management System environment which enables setting up a multi-currency liquidity and cash forecast fast and remotely. After five days of implementation only, financial managers will profit from the advantages of the web based treasury management and planning system.

To decrease new client’s investment to a minimum, Trinity will waive the licence fees for the first six months.

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