Trinity TMS at Espria: Health Care Matters

Introduction Espria

Espria is one of the largest health care groups of the Netherlands. Following their mission “to Increase the resilience of people”, their various group companies support vulnerable people in society, offering home care, nursery and support for the physically and mentally disabled. The treasury processes are managed by a team of 4.


Espria needed to replace their treasury system since it no longer met their requirements. Following an extensive tender process, the Trinity TMS was selected to support Espria in the area of day-to-day Cash Management, Liquidity planning, Financial Transactions and Reporting. Main reasons where: the ease of use, reporting capabilities and the competitive pricing.

SaaS offering

Espria opted for Trinity’s fully certified hosting offering to benefit from:

  1. The Scaling of security (the offered level of security is difficult to achieve for the pricing offered);
  2. Up to date hard- and software;
  3. Guaranteed up time of 99,5%;
  4. Faster resolution time (in case of questions, Trinity can easily access the system to assist);
  5. Single tenant environment (The data of each customer is 100% separated);
  6. An easy update process.

Liquidity planning

Important requirements for Espria were the possibility to:

  1. view deal-related cash flows automatically in the planning sheet;
  2. multiple scenario’s and scenario-based deviation reporting;
  3. update the other line items of the planning sheet via an Excel upload;
  4. have their liquidity plan available in different levels of detail, based on the same data sources;
  5. compare different versions with a few mouse clicks;
  6. analyse the data in a graphical way.

Group treasurer Mr. Marc Burgers comments: “Trinity has met our requirements and expectations with regard to our daily cash management and the organization of our loan portfolio and our financial obligations following from our financial transactions. I can certainly recommend them”

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