What is our risk and how will it impact decision making?

Trinity Treasury Management System

Identify and Evaluate Risk

The identification and quantification of financial risk is a major challenge in corporate treasury. Trinity Treasury Management System makes it intuitive.

Our Risk Management module lets you manage your FX and Interest Rate risk in an efficient and transparent manner, with results that are crystal clear.

Your un-hedged FX exposure is calculated by making a comparison between the forecasted operational exposure and hedged transactions. Advanced functionalities (such as Fair Value Calculations and Hedge Accounting Effectiveness Testing) allow for even deeper analysis.

In addition, Trinity Treasury Management System also allows the simulated movement of FX and interest rates, and details how they affect your portfolio. And to wrap everything up, an interface that automatically imports your market data is available.

Features risk management module

FX Risk Management

  • Display FX Exposure / Hedge Ratio (Hedge Status)
  • Display FX position over all currencies
  • Market to Market valuation per transaction
  • Simulation FX position
  • Pivot ad hoc analysis

Interest Rate Risk Management

  • Interest rate gap
  • Liquidity tied up balance sheets
  • Fair value valuation Interest rate transactions
  • Simulation interest result
  • IFRS standard reports
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