Trinity simplifies payments


Payments Standard (Internal Processing)

The Trinity treasury management system Payments Module will create your treasury payments (e.g. SEPA, MT101), which are then uploaded into your existing Electronic Banking system for signature approval and release.

Payments Advanced (Bank Connection)

The Trinity treasury management system Payments Module can also be utilized as an integrated, bank independent payment platform that can connect to multiple banks via EBICS/MCFT/SWIFT AL2/ H2H.

The benefit of using Trinity treasury management system is that it consolidates multiple banks and platforms into a single company-wide interface that handles authorizing and sending of all payments and collecting of all statements. This maximizes control of your company’s ‘cash out’ to third party payments and reduces banking fees. It is also a bank independent electronic banking system.

Features module payment

  • Easy connection to EBICS/MCFT/SWIFT AL2/ H2H (Plug and Play setup for EBICS/MCFT)
  • Supports multiple connections and multiple payment formats
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