Treasury Management with IFRS 9
Treasury Management IFRS 9

Treasury Management with IFRS 9

What exactly does Trinity offer on the topic of IFRS 9?

It is an IFRS hedge accounting service, i.e. a complete package of software, consulting regarding the relevant processes and procedures of the valuation as well as implementation in the existing IT landscape. It covers all requirements for, e.g. interest rate and cross-currency swaps based fair value or cash flow hedges over the entire life cycle. Defined processes and procedures ensure proper, traceable and audit-proof documentation. Currently, the implementation is carried out with a pilot customer.

The added value for treasury departments in this module also lies in the clear focus on the enterprise-wide optimization and automation of treasury processes and the management of global liquidity and risk positions. Automatically generated hypothetical derivatives provide optimal effectiveness results. The increased value added lies in the overall package, including support for the implementation of the guidelines from IFRS 9 and the implementation of the general requirements for valuation procedures.

A significant differentiation is the valuation of non-structured financial instruments through the discounting of cash flows. For complex structured financial products, all significant risk drivers are included at the portfolio or deal level.

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