What financial actions should we take?

Trinity Treasury Management

Audit-proof control of all financial transactions

Based on the analyzes in the area of ​​liquidity management and risk management, the treasurer decides on the appropriate financial transactions to invest in or safeguard his risks.

The module Financial Transactions provides the appropriate platform for recording and managing all financial transactions in a single financial database. The Trinity Treasury Management System creates the appropriate settlement documents for each individual transaction, generates the booking instructions for your accounting, the associated payment instructions for your banks, valuates the transactions according to accounting requirements or generates your EMIR notifications in one go.

Features module financial transactions

  • Foreign exchange transactions (spot, forward, option transactions)
  • Investments / loans
  • Foreign exchange / interest rate derivatives
  • Bonds, shares
  • Credit lines
  • Account balances
  • Operational transactions
  • Operational transactions
Scanned documents e.g. loan contracts can be linked to the associated transactions.
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