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easyCredit by TeamBank - Trinity treasury management system

TeamBank AG automates Treasury with Trinity

Automation, liquidity management and process security of treasury management for a financial institution with a balance sheet total of 9.8 billion euros (as of 31.12.2017).

The consumer credit “easyCredit” is one of the most successful in Germany and is the core product of the Nuremberg TeamBank. TeamBank AG is the expert for liquidity management in the cooperative financial group Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken with the product family easyCredit.
With Trinity TeamBank replaces the time-consuming manual reporting. Liquidity-relevant decisions and the reporting of key regulatory metrics such as Minimum Liquidity Income (MLÜ) and Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) are now faster and more transparent. Automation leaves more room for analysis and simulations.

What was the problem?

  • Automation, risk management, process security
  • Due to the manual data entry, the complexity of the tables and the poorly transparent traceability, the previous treasury management led to an increased workload.
  • A future-oriented professionalization with regard to employee motivation through higher-value activities such as strategic analyzes and decisions with ever-increasing regulatory requirements could not be presented.
  • Knowledge Management and thus continuous improvement of treasury processes was not possible.

What were the requirements of the customer?

  • Holistic automation and digitization of liquidity management from disposition to process-reliable and transparent reporting of MLÜ (minimum liquidity surplus), LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) and NSFR (Net Stable Funding Ratio)
  • Professional liquidity management and thus ensuring a competitive consumer loan portfolio

The benefits and added value of Trinity

  • Automation, liquidity management, process security
  • Professional liquidity management
  • Archiving the data
  • Shifting scarce resources away from administrative and operational activities to strategic analysis
  • Automated reporting of MLÜ, LCR, NSFR
  • Focus of the treasurer on the overall picture, less on detail
  • Simulations and scenarios identify value drivers and causal relationships
"Trinity automates the entire loop of our treasury management, we feel it safer, reporting is less complex and we have more time for strategic analysis. "
Taner Cetinkaya
Treasurer Teambank AG


TeamBank offers an attractive product range with above-average service.
It creates unique experiences for customers, without them having to deal with complex “backstage processes”. The Treasury department supports with Trinity this business strategy with reliable reporting and professionally calculated liquidity management with high efficiency.