The Trinity TMS at TBI Holdings

About TBI Holdings

TBI Holdings consists of a group of 20 companies which are specialized in Engineering, Construction & Development. The group has a mixed portfolio of construction and engineering operations in houses, offices, schools, hospitals, roads, tunnels, bridges, waterlocks, factories and marine installations. It is one of the largest and best performing construction companies of the Netherlands.

The TBI companies operate close to the client and are leaders in their markets and segments. With an average workforce of 5,700 FTEs, TBI achieved an operating revenue of 1.7 bln.

Treasury processes supported by the Trinity TMS

Daily cash positioning

TBI owns more than 250 bank accounts held at different banks of which some are held by Joint Ventures. Trinity can generate an overview report, which shows the total cash position, taking into account the % held by the JV partner.

Cash concentration & accounting

On a daily basis, cash is concentrated via automatic sweeps. This creates a high volume of daily changes in the IC positions which need to be accounted for. The Trinity TMS identifies these cash sweeps and automatically updates the IC positions. The resulting journal entries (more than 1.000 entries per month) are created and exported to the ERP system. This saves a lot of manual work and minimizes errors. The result is an audit proof process.

Inhouse bank

TBI Holdings serves as an inhouse bank to their independent operating subsidiaries. On a daily basis, funding requests are processed. Before they can be approved, the treasury team needs to ensure that the resulting individual IC positions are within the internal funding limits. This process is made transparent with the Trinity TMS.

High volume of bank guarantees

Vary common in this industry type, is the usage of bank guarantees. Within the group, guarantees are centrally issued by the Holding using special bank facilities. It is of key importance to the board to have a clear view on the underlying exposure, the associated counterparties and status of the guarantees (e.g. if expired, is the document returned?).

“With Trinity, the Treasury department can report with more precision the cash position of TBI and the various subsidiaries.”