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Trinity Treasury Management System in the retail real estate industry

Inhouse Banking with Trinity Treasury Management System

About Atrium European Real Estate

Atrium is a leading owner operator of shopping centres in Central Europe, predominantly in Poland and the Czech Republic. Atrium specializes in locally dominant food, fashion and entertainment shopping centres in strong urban locations. Atrium owns 26 properties with a total market value of approximately € 2.5 billion.

The Treasury Management Challenge

Atrium uses the Trinity Treasury Management System to manage their large intercompany loan portfolio that is characterized by:

many loans between different subsidiaries

irregular redemption patterns

different internal rates

different currencies

Using the sophisticated Inhouse Banking Module, Trinity automatically identifies cash flows on bank accounts as either redemption or interest and updates the intercompany positions.

At the end of each month, Trinity is used for internal reporting and creates the journal entries of the positions and interest accruals which are then exported to the ERP system of the multiple holdings and subsidiaries.

Special Features

Sometimes interest / redemptions are received in another currency than the denomination of the loan. Trinity nevertheless recognizes these movements and recalculates them to the correct currency.

In case an intercompany interest isn’t paid on time, Trinity automatically calculates an extra ‘penalty’ interest.

Atrium’s team has been trained to maintain the system.

Atrium’s Group Controller comments: “Prior to using the Trinity Treasury Management System, our loan portfolio was managed in Excel. This was an extensive monthly recurring manual exercise which is now automated with Trinity. The result is a highly effective process that meets our internal compliance standards.