Financial resilience with Trinity Treasury Management
Financial resilience with Trinity Treasury Management

Financial resilience – the tough job of the treasurer

Treasurers of international companies have a tough job to do since their CFO’s will need a daily update of the current and expected group total cash position. Excel may work fine, but if you have more than 10 subsidiaries in different countries having their local currencies, the forecasting process will be time-consuming. To improve the quality of the forecast, it makes sense to compare the current version with the previous.

Financial resilience is the key to surviving a crisis like this and with that thought in the background, each subsidiary will be expected to prepare their own financial forecast (hopefully with a best and worst case scenario). The group treasurer and local subsidiaries of today will often conduct this analysis while staying safe and healthy at home. Trinity believes that, for an efficient process, exact and detailed data exchange is king to keep the business running.

Trinity wants to help medium- and large enterprises to manage their financial cash flows better and has prepared a special treasury management environment that can be up and running in 5 days! (all managed remotely of course). Financial managers will profit from the advantages of the web-based treasury management and planning system by gaining a much higher degree of transparency than ever before. 

To minimise the investment in software, Trinity waives licence fees for the first six months.