Financial resilience with Trinity Treasury Management
Financial resilience with Trinity Treasury Management

Ensuring financial resilience with Trinity Treasury Management System

As the corona crisis is hitting the entire world, treasurers of international companies have a really tough job to do. While each country is in a different state of crisis and is acting and reacting differently, subsidiaries are struck with different liquidity restrictions as well.

With that in the background, each subsidiary has to perform its own revolving financial forecast and liquidity stress tests. Headquarter´s treasurers today often have to conduct this multicurrency liquidity management while staying safe and healthy at home. For a really efficient process, exact and detailed data exchange with their colleagues from all over the world on the same data is king to keep the business running.

Therefore Trinity decided to help medium and large enterprises to manage their financial cashflows better. Trinity has prepared a special treasury management environment which enables setting up a multi-currency liquidity forecast fast and remotely.

To decrease new client’s investment to a minimum, Trinity will waive the licence fees for the first six months.

After five days of implementation only, financial managers will profit from the advantages of the web based treasury management and planning system by gaining a much higher degree in transparency and automation than ever before.

We all realize how interdependent we are, we all realize that enterprises are an important part of our society. Therefore we think it’s important to be creative and supportive to keep our economy flowing.

With their extraordinary offer Trinity wants to reduce the current strains in medium and large companies directly but also indirectly concerning the connected value chain members on all sides.