Commodity and treasury: how can they better work together?

As pointed out by PWC, in their treasuryblog, many industrial corporates are confronted with challenges driven by the underlying traded (or sourced) commodities.

Senior board members seek answers to the following questions:

  • Are our earnings impacted by volatility in commodity prices?
  • Are our commodity risk management systems, controls and reporting fit for purpose?
  • How will our strategy, business model and use of technology evolve to ensure we continue to stay ahead of the curve?

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Trinity has an answer to these questions by integrating the Kyos Advanced commodity management solution. 

The benefits are:

  • Your procurement or trading team can make decisions backed by facts.
  • Risks can be managed in a controlled environment
  • Your Treasury team will have get a consolidated view on cash flows and subsequent FX risk.
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