Case Study Vion: Time is money in the global food business

Vion Food Group (Vion) is a Dutch based global top 100 food company. Together with a staff of more than 11.500, Vion realised a turnover of EUR 4.6 bln in 2018. The product portfolio of Vion includes fresh pork and beef products for retail, food service and the processed meat industries.

Typical market characteristics of food producers are high volumes and low margins. This implies a strong sense of cost awareness throughout the Group. Key objectives of Vion’s Group Treasurer include: increasing transparency and streamlining the treasury process as much as possible. Additionally, it is important to provide management with a comprehensive set of reports.

In 2016, the TRINITY TMS was selected to replace an older system and support Vion with Liquidity Management, FX Risk, Netting and Financial transactions.

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