Case Study: TenCate Grass Holding Ready to scale with the Trinity TMS !

TenCate Grass Holding is the global leader in the development, production and marketing of synthetic turf components, used to produce artificial grass for sport, leisure or landscaping. The company has an active acquisition strategy and is growing fast in Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific. As a result of this fast growth, it became more and more time intensive to maintain an overview of the consolidated liquidity position and embedded risks. To improve this process and prepare for further growth, management decided to invest in a best-in-class treasury solution. “I have worked with other tms-systems but during the first demo I noticed that Trinity offered at least what I was used to, especially in the reporting- and liquidity planning area, but even more important, I saw that the system was very user friendly and therefor easy to learn for employees not 100% familiar with using a tms.”

Trinity TenCate Grass Case Study focussing on liquidity management

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