Advanced Commodity Solution

Advanced Commodity Solution

  1. Is your company exposed to commodity price fluctuations?
  2. Does your boardroom have a clear view on the commodity risk? 
  3. How much time and spreadsheets are used to get these insights?

Discover the benefits of our new commodity solution, capturing years of industrial experience in managing budgets, commodity contracts, hedging, market price analysis and cashflow forecasting. 

Your procurement, sales, finance and treasury will profit from a strongly improved cashflow forecast.

How does it work?

  1. Determine your positions (underlying commodities and FX risk)
  2. Calculate your risks
    • Stress test: What happens if market prices rise or fall with 10%?
    • Value at Risk: What could be my loss in the next 1,5 or 10 days?
    • Cashflow at risk: What could be my cashflows over the next 1,5 or 10 days?
  3. Align your hedging strategy with your risk appetite.

    This solution is powered by KYOS
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